Here you can find The Great Replacement, the political manifesto of Brenton Harrison Tarrant, made public in March 2019 through the events in Christchurch, New Zealand. This work is changing the modern political discourse.

The politics of mass importing immigrants from predominantly Islamic countries, which has instantly caused a surge in crimes, and allowing terrorists into our countries under the guise of refugees; the politics of new totalitarianism (see "refugee quotas" imposed by the EU); the politics of European ethnocide and White genocide should be stopped immediately. If we don't act, and ACT RIGHT NOW, Europe as we know it will be destroyed; not in some potential future, not in the next century, but here, now, for us and our children to helplessly witness.

Prevent our cultural and ethnic suicide. Contribute to building a better society and removing the invaders with culturally incompatible background from our lands. Support indigenous White European people, support Europe, support your own family and friends, and the future of our younger generations, THROUGH ACTIONS. Let cultural, ethnic, national and racial awareness guide you.


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Towards A New Society, We March Ever Forwards!