By Karl Radl

When Brenton Tarrant entered the Al Noor mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand, on 15th March 2019, he went down in history as one of the first Aryans in the twenty-first century – alongside Robert Bowers and Dylann Roof – to mentally break from the liberal society that spawned them and to put principles into action.

The irony of Tarrant’s shooting of fifty Muslims in Christchurch was that despite many so-called ‘nationalist’ or even edgy ‘conservative’ ‘intellectuals’ and e-celebrities calling for unspecified retribution against the Islamic invasion of European homelands, they immediately began screaming that such attacks were a bad idea and were – to paraphrase them – the product of a ‘diseased mind’ that put back the nationalist cause for an unspecified amount of time for unstated reasons.

It is not my place to judge the rights and wrongs of Tarrant’s attack, but I did want to weigh in on this particular issue of a lack of understanding among so-called ‘nationalist’ ‘intellectuals’ and e-celebrities, and the ever-worsening material and demographic situation faced by many Aryans in Antipodes, Europe and North America, as well as more isolated racial bastions such as South Africa, combined with an increasingly tyrannical clampdown on anyone who adheres to any kind of vaguely ‘right-wing’ ideology.

In essence Aryans – particularly those who have a lower mental breaking point – are being heavily pressured on every front. Be it in terms of employment by mass migration of non-Europeans from Africa, Asia and Latin America, or in terms of security with Muslims blowing and shooting up whatever they want with impunity, or politically with jews screaming about ‘Holocaust’ guilt and how Aryans owe everyone else on the planet an apology and eternal financial reparations.

It is a never ending avalanche of anti-Aryan pressure, violence and dispossession.

Yet the ‘nationalist’ intellectuals and e-celebrities do not see this and instead focus – and get extremely upset about – the idea that Tarrant’s actions might upset their financial apple cart by getting them banned or arrested for promoting wrong think. This tells you that they don’t have the courage of their convictions and are more interested in profiting from recreational wrong think than promoting a truly nationalist revolution in the West.

It also tells you that they don’t have their finger on the pulse since attacks like that of Tarrant should not be a surprise to anyone with half a brain. The only surprise was that it took so long to happen.

The shrieks of how this is ‘bad optics’ are really just a lesson in the cowardice that – for want of a better term – movement capitalism engenders by linking nationalist content creation to money and the creator’s livelihoods rather than something done primarily or wholly out of personal ideological commitment in a form of personal donation to the movement in general.

The disproportionate response from governments – such as New Zealand’s attempt to seize its citizen’s guns (which almost completely failed) and also the criminalization of merely watching the footage of the attack – only serves the cause of nationalism by ratcheting up the pressure on Aryans across the world by another notch or two, thus engendering more attacks as more and more people reach their breaking point while the governments react in a proverbial death spiral by effectively declaring war on their own citizenry.

All while those in the nationalist movement who claim that there is a way that we can ‘vote ourselves out of this mess’ are screeching that all this is ruining their super-secret master plan to trick the system and the voting public at large into voting in a vaguely conservative government that is really filled with secret Nazi supporters.

See how crazy the people who screech about ‘optics’ and the ‘BASED X’ party really are?

The lesson of Christchurch is that no matter how much people want to talk about ‘strategy’, the material facts on the ground - with Bowers, Roof and Tarrant merely a vanguard of what is to come – will continue to produce retaliatory attacks which will increase in ferocity, body count and scale the more the system doubles down on globalhomo and clamps down on dissent with increasingly obvious tyrannical moves and laws.

In other words: Accelerationism works.