The Great Replacement (Christchurch, 2019) is a political manifesto by Mr. Brenton Tarrant, an ordinary White Australian who took it upon himself to commit an act of violence in a desperate attempt to bring attention to the matter the whole White population is facing: Dying out; allowing a foreign invasion by a completely different culture with incompatible religious, cultural, social values, all under the banner of multiculturalism which is welcomed and propagated by the leaders of the Western society (most prominently, the EU).

Multiculturalism is a poisonous, destructive political ideology that permeates modern Western society on all levels. It promotes destruction of the traditional family unit, promiscuous lifestyle, ethnic and racial mixing that in practice leads to cultural/ethnic replacement of our people; "affirmative action", resulting in oppression of our own people and bias in favor of non-Whites, Muslims and other "minorities". This has been extensively covered by Mr. Breivik in his work 2083 - A European Declaration of Independence (London, 2011).

Look deeper into these matters, reading both of these documents to start with, and you'll find yourself exploring the most vital and troubling issues of modernity, the tip of the geopolitical iceberg, and the looming catastrophe ahead. You'll learn of the politics of identitarianism, European isolationism, and discover a world of inhuman cruelty, war crimes, atrocities and persistent, imminent danger, that calls itself: Islam.You'll find your worldviews changed forever...


Mr. Tarrant's manifesto is a highly concise, highly precise, and highly emotionally charged text; it also succeeds in making a perfectly clear statement on our role in defining the future of Europe. Will it stay White? Will it survive the onslaught of invaders seeking to overthrow all our cultural, social, religious foundations? Shall we, the people of Europe, be plunged into a civil war; shall we fight and possibly win - or shall we go willingly into oblivion?

The manifesto is notable for openly calling out to violent actions, and names some specific targets/target groups. And there are reasons for this approach; they are all explained in the manifesto. Every word holds weight, both thought through and highly inspirational. Soft targets are acceptable; high profile targets are ideal. THIS IS WAR, we have no right to stay high and noble when our enemies are not, because that would just mean forfeiting our future.

The text is rather brilliantly written, it has a unique brand of irony and drops some references that would be understandable within the alt-right (sub)culture. At the same time, you can see some concepts/code words typical of the modern academia, which is likely intended to mock the absolute majority of intellectuals affiliated with politics of multiculturalism. The text on the whole also shows the author as both a great propagandist and a highly intelligent person. A person who, nonetheless, chose to sacrifice his freedom to convey the message: We are at war, and the majority of our people still don't know it; we are losing, and it's almost too late; WE SHOULD ACT, AND WE SHOULD ACT NOW!


Here are two primary ideas Mr. Tarrant seeks to convey:

  • A great importance lies within raising our birthrates in order to save the White population from the ongoing rapid decline that would lead us to a dangerously low population count within a few generations. The fertility rates should be at at least 2.06 to achieve replacement level. And this should be done immediately!
  • But even higher population count will be meaningless if we remain under siege by Muslim immigrants/"refugees". And for that reason, above all stands the necessity of cleansing our societies of such evils as: Non-White migrants, tyranny of Islam, imposed "refugee quotas", and the disease of multiculturalism itself. Because if we do not REMOVE non-White/Muslim migrants then their presence on our soil, combined with our free falling birth rate as well as their own fertility levels, would lead to islamization (up to the enforcement of the Sharia law on the state level) and ethnic, racial, genetic and cultural REPLACEMENT of our people.


Here are some other major ideas you can find in the manifesto:

  • To solve the issues plaguing the European society, you should ACT (as no one else will do it for you); and VIOLENCE is acceptable.
  • Environmentalism (ecofascism) is natural. It's green future or no future, which is logical any way you look at it.
  • Globalization goes hand in hand with multiculturalism. It is an enemy.
  • Diversity is NOT our strength. Assimilation has failed. Integration has also failed.
  • We should retake positions in education, politics, army, law, economy; as soon as possible.
  • Destabilization and accelerationism are preferable tactics.

Europe is at the brink of radical changes, and violence committed by Muslims will NOT be tolerated any longer. You are Europe, you are the solution to the problem; JOIN THE RESISTANCE in any way you can, it's everyone's duty!


To sum it up:

A democratic, political solution is as good as impossible now.

The system is intrinsically corrupt. We have no choice left but actions.

Go ahead, contribute to preventing the White genocide!